Five Things I Would Like To Learn

Five Things I Would Like To Learn

I have read a lot on other blogs about skills people would like to learn and should learn in order to be more self-sufficient. I like the idea of being more self-sufficient, but some of the things I would like to learn is not always about that as it is the idea of learning and mastering something new. Since I am getting the hang of gardening (which has taken me a couple years), I am setting some new goals.

Five Things I Would Like To Learn:

1. Making A Pie Crust From Scratch

Since my favorite place to eat pie in Algona has closed after 20 years, I need to learn to make my own pie crust. I love pie so this will become a necessity. My apologies to Pillsbury, but your pie crust just isn’t the same as homemade.

2. Using A Sewing Machine to Sew

I will be relearning this one. At one time, I was able to do this. I have not sown with a machine for over 20 years. Hopefully relearning this will be like riding a bicycle and I will remember how. Besides that, Paige and Jordan like to wear skirts and dresses and I think it would be fun to make them some!

3. How to Knit

I will give my mom credit on this one. She tried to teach me when I was younger, but I just did not have the patience to learn how to knit. I am hoping I have more patience now to learn!

4. Making Cinnamon Rolls From Scratch

I have never done this either, but I did buy The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl so I could learn. I have heard her Cinnamon Roll recipe is the bomb! We, as a family, love cinnamon rolls!

5. How to Shoot Gun

I have only ever done this once. I want to learn how to shoot a gun and shoot it somewhat accurately. I would like to learn more about guns also and own a gun for protection on the farm.

Hopefully I can learn these things in the next year. I realize my time is limited, but I find that these skills will be beneficial for me as well as my family!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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One thought on “Five Things I Would Like To Learn

  1. 1. Pie crust is a piece of cake, or pie.
    2. Sewing is like riding a bike.
    3. Knitting can be daunting, but very rewarding.
    4. Still working on this one myself.
    5. Makes you feel like an official homesteader!

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