Preparedness This Week

Preparedness This Week

For preparedness this week or the last two weeks, however you look at it, has been going a little slow. I have accomplished a few things though!

I have added to our water storage. In case of emergency, a person can only live without water for three days. Water is crucial and having extra water will only help you. I added three more cases of water bottles to our storage as well as three gallon containers to our storage. I am hoping to do more when water comes on sale in the next few months.

I have added quite a bit to our food storage. I bought more canned goods, baking goods, and pasta to our food storage. We have had some great deals lately at our grocery stores to take advantage of. I like to pay attention to the front on the flyers where the loss leaders are. I also bought more toliet paper because that cannot be understated.

I did get quite of bit of weeding in the garden. I still have some to do, but the garden doesn’t look like someone planted vegies in the weeds! My peas and green beans are starting to produce and I am getting excited to can green beans! I need to replant two hills of cucumbers. Hopefully I am not too late to replant. My tomatoes also are not doing too well. I have two plants doing well and six that are not. Oh well.

I bought some tools and a tow strap two weeks ago. The tow strap in Iowa is a good thing when it snows or rains.

I am still looking for a reliable car for Shali. I thought I had a good lead this week, but the dealership is working on the car. Maybe we will get to look at it next weekend.

I have also started my series on Preparedness where on Mondays I hope to talk more about the Preparedness journey we have been on, what we are learning, and what to do next. 

I am also linking up to The Homestead Revival Preparedness Challenge!

Stay cool and have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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