Food Storage and Preparedness Plans

Food Storage and Preparedness Plans

I might have to abandon Preparedness Mondays and talk about being prepared more often. Self-sufficiency and preparedness have always been passions of mine and now has become a mindset for me. I love to share with you all what I have learned as well as my mistakes.

I wanted to introduce you to a resource that will lay out food storage and planning for preparedness for you. This guide will take you step by step for what you need to be prepared for: emergencies, weather, job loss, less income, end of the world, economic collapse, etc.

The LDS Preparedness Manual is simply amazing with the content that it provides for anyone getting started in preparedness as well as someone already doing preparedness. This manual talks about water, food, mental preparation, security, household preparation, shelter, and emergencies.

By no means the best thing about the LDS Preparedness Manual, but one that I can appreciate. You can print this manual for FREE. Yes, I said FREE. It is 220 pages long and is from the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Do not let that deter you! It is meant for everyone! To print this manual can be costly in terms of printer ink and paper. You can also buy the manual for $8.50 which is a steal for this information. I chose to print the manual because I have the materials and I wanted it now!

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!

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