Sometimes we all need a little help…

Sometimes we all need a little help…

I have gotten some feedback from readers on my lack of posts on single parenting. I can understand that. Single parenting is not something I can write easily about. Or keep my opinions to myself on. And I am kind of opinionated.

Single parenting is not easy. I am finding it to be easier now that I have a rhythm and a routine. We have a schedule and I have to roll with the surprises (oh, you have this going on?!?!) and the disappointments.

I would not be anywhere this easy going about single parenting if I did not have help. Unfortunately, their father is not much in the picture anymore. He pops up from time to time and he pays child support because the state hunts him down and garnishs it. He does not take the kids for the weekend and he does not live very close to them anymore. I do not depend on him for anything.

His parents, though, are fabulous! They help so much. They take the kids a couple weekends a month when their schedule permits and help me with shuttling kids around. Sometimes they go on the field trips when I am at work or make treats for the classroom. They attend most if not all the school events. They only live 5 miles from me and they make life that much easier. I will never, ever be able to express all the gratitude I have for them.

My parents are great too! They will listen when I call. They support the kids at their various activities and millions of fundraisers. They will show up with various treats for them as well as fix up cars for the teens to drive (and sometimes re-fix!). My mom saves coupons for me to help extend my savings at the stores. Again I will never, ever be able to express all the gratitude I have for them.

I also have good friends that will help with watching and shuttling kids as well as be a listening ear when times are a little hard. The counsel and wisdom I have gotten from them is treasure in itself! Again, I will never, ever be able to express all the gratitude I have for them. They are simply wonderful.

I don’t know where I would be without Rob. He helps so much. He helps keep me accountable as well as be a huge support in this journey. He has fixed things on the cars and in the house. He has become a friend to the kids and become someone they can go to. Again, I couldn’t begin to thank him enough.

The point I am trying to make is that single parenting is not an easy journey. No one should be expected to do this by themselves. That goes for a single parent and a double parent household. Everyone needs someone to come up beside them and offer a helping hand or be a listening ear. Help should not be expected from others though. I don’t expect anyone to help me (except my kids!).

Yes, at the end of the day, I am their parent and I make the choices. I am responsible for everything in their lives and for our household. I need to make sure everything needed is taken care of. But I couldn’t do this all by myself. I am completely grateful for everyone who offers to help in some way or will listen to me even if I sound like a broken record.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me! I couldn’t do without you all!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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