Prepping With No Money – Part 2

Prepping With No Money – Part 2

Last time I wrote this post, I gave you all ideas on how to prep with little or no money and how you could find great deals or items for free. Then I got to thinking:

“What about prepping with no money at all? Because, girlfriend, you are broke and in this situation.”

I talk to myself. A lot. 


I had to ponder this myself for awhile. I almost admitted defeat. Then I watched a YouTube video from southernprepper1. In it, he reminds people that prepping is not always about what you acquire, but learning the skills to be self-sufficient as well honing those skills to be better at them. Great thought! I have a lot of skills I want to learn that would not cost me any money at all. I am still trying to learn how to can different foods as well as making bread from scratch. I am still learning about using dry beans and finding more meals to incorporate them into. Not to mention that I am still learning skills about servicing things in my house and learning more about fixing my own vehicles.

Then I started reading blog posts about doing with what you have instead wishing about what you want. Very true! I have projects in my house that need to be done that I have been putting off. Why wait? I might not get them completed right away, but getting them started would give me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that something was being done. Wishing for money to buy things is a waste of time.

And sometimes, when you least expect it, you get prepping items for free when you aren’t really looking for them. Such as the metal 33 gallon trash can with a lid, 10 feet of chicken wire fence, 4 heavy duty tomato cages, and a bag of lime. And sometimes you get a deep dish cast iron skillet for your birthday! (Thanks!)

Finally, prepping does not just involve projects. Prepping also involves your daily tasks. I keep up on laundry because what happens when the power goes out and I don’t have water to wash them? I need to be better about keeping up on dishes for the same reason. Keeping the house neat and organized makes being prepared in an emergency easier because I will know where everything is and be able to find it right away. Making sure the vehicles are maintained and ready to go means we will always have a vehicle to rely on.

You can prep with no money when times are lean. I just needed a correction in my thinking. What are you doing to prep with no money?

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