The Need To Be Frugal

The Need To Be Frugal

The one New Year’s resolution I did not talk about was the need to be more frugal. I need to be. I need to start looking at what I spend and figuring out how to do spend more wisely and save more. I need to look at what we have and what we can do without. I need to look at items and ask myself if they have more uses to them. I need to recycle and reuse a lot more.

I need to be more frugal.

I like to pat myself on my back and say “Oh, but you are already frugal. Look at all the ways you save money! Look at all the things you make yourself that saves you loads of money!”

That may be true, but making my own laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and other cleaners is not enough. Buying our clothes used is not enough. Teaching my kids to shop the clearance racks first is not enough. Shopping the grocery store’s loss leaders is not enough. The utility bill going down $9.00 a month is not enough.

I need to start being intentional with our frugality. I need to start teaching my children more about spending and saving. I need to start looking at more ways to practice and live with frugality.

Every June, September, and December reminds me I am not doing enough when the money seems to be stretched the thinnest. Every time the child support stops reminds me I am not doing enough because I have an almost panic attack. Every time a bill becomes higher reminds me I am not doing enough.

Then last night on my DVR, I watched TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates. I learned I have a long ways to go. Even though I could not do what some of the people did on the show, the principle of the show was that they were always looking for ways to save and not to spend. I was really focusing on frugality before, but this made me realize I could step my game up.

Tomorrow I hope to share ways I plan to become more frugal and what areas I really want to concentrate on. I hope to learn from others as well as give you all tips I have learned.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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  1. I have become more frugal since retiring but I am amazed at the ways you have found to save money. I realize you are also motivated by income and I hope this is a good year for you. I plan on following your blog and hope for the best for you.

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