Procrastination vs. Laziness – Part 3

Procrastination vs. Laziness – Part 3

Procrastination has bitten back at me enough times that I have to deal with it and not let it become a problem. As I mentioned in previous posts, I have struggled with procrastination since I can remember. One can always find it easy to put off what needs to be done for their homes, families, and work than to tackle it. I can always find an excuse to avoid doing the necessary things or simply waiting until later to do them.

The problem never goes away though. These are some of the tricks I use to help with my procrastination problems.

#1 Make To-Do Lists: This helps me more than I will ever be able to know. Depending on my energy level, some nights I only have 4-5 things listed to do. Some nights I have more. Having those lists and being able to cross them off as done gives me a great sense of accomplishment! To-do lists become very important to me on the weekends when I have a whole day to get something accomplished. I get a little lost when I have free time so having a to-do list also gives me focus.

#2 Have Routines: Admittingly, I don’t have a lot of routines, but I have a few. I always have my clothes and things ready the night before for the next day. I always wash a load of laundry in the morning and a load at night. This keeps the laundry monster from overwhelming me! I always fold the laundry in the morning. I make a menu plan for the week on Sunday so I know what I am making and am mentally prepared when I get home to make it. I go through mail right away when I get home so that does not pile up worse than it can.

#3 Have A Positive Attitude: A positive attitude will overcome a lot of the procrastination problem for me. I want to think that if I get this done now, life will be easier later. I want to think that if I face this problem head-on, I will be done with the problem that much sooner. If I sign this permission slip now, I won’t get upset in the morning when the bus shows up and it needs to be signed before they go!

#4 Understanding The Consequences: Knowing and understanding the consequences of procrastination can help avoid it. The consequences can be many: stress, extra interest changes, late fees, dirty dishes when friends come over, unwashed work clothes, late assignments, loss of opportunities, spending extra money, etc. You get it. Once I have to deal with the consequences, I tend to get a new outlook on dealing with life sooner.

I am not perfect. I still have problems with procrastination and will continue to do so. I would like to think that I will continue to make progress towards being less of a procrastinator and more of a do-er.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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