Ways I Plan To Be More Frugal

Ways I Plan To Be More Frugal

I have thought long and hard about way I plan to be more frugal. But in this household, we are a family so the kids will be fully included into my plans to be more frugal. They just don’t quite know it yet! Shush…

Ways I Plan To Be More Frugal

1. To be more focused on how much electricity is being used in our house:
   a. Much more intentional about shutting off lights when not in use and not daylight out
   b. Shutting off power strips both computers at night and when we are not home
   c. Shutting off power strips for the living room television at night and when we are not home
   d. Making sure chargers are unplugged in the kids’ rooms when they are not in use
   e. Making sure Shali and Jordan’s electric blankets are shut off and unplugged when not in use
   f. Making sure the kids’ radios are off and unplugged when not in use
   g. Use more lamps than overhead lights at night

2. Dry clothes on the drying rack instead of using the dryer.

3. Use the clothes line a lot more!

4. Buy all my meat from local producers and meat lockers. This is cheaper than stores and I know where it came from.

5. Be more productive with my garden.

6. Saying no to using my credit card except major emergencies.

7. Being much more intentional with paying my bills on time so I do not accrue interest charges and late fees. I am pretty good about this, but once in a while it happens.

8. Wash out and reuse ziploc bags. If all they did was hold bread, why throw them out?

9. Reuse aluminum foil more. Again if all it did was cover a dish and did not get gross, why not wash it off a little and reuse it?

10. Use even less paper towels. I consider these a waste anyway, but they have their uses. Most paper towels can be used a few times unless they get gross and dirty. I use rags for almost everything anyway.

11. Stop buying paper napkins. I have cloth napkins and they are not hard to make anyway. Time to make the switch is when I run out of my current stash.

12. Drive less, carpool more, and group my errands together. I know some of you are laughing at me driving less, but I could drive a little less than what I do. So could my kids.

13. Make my gifts instead of buying them. People do love food gifts!

14. Be much more intentional about shopping sales and using coupons.

15. Always be looking for ways to save money or not to spend money!

These are the ways I plan to be more frugal. I am sure I will have more as time goes on, but for now this will be a place to start.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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