Sorry about the unintended break!

Sorry about the unintended break!

I had no idea how many things were going to be scheduled this last few weeks. If I did, I would have panicked before this week. Even being at home was busy. I was and am very grateful for some of the girl time I had with friends as well as Rob being around a little more to take off some of the pressure. He will think he did nothing, but sometimes he is too humble.

I did not intend to take this much of a break from blogging because I truly love what I blog about and the simple act of writing my thoughts down. I love to think that I am helping you all be more like I want to be more of everything.

I know I have things to blog about. I have a post ready for tomorrow on ways I save money at the grocery store and keep my budget down to $350 a month for five people. I hope to be making beef and/or chicken broth this weekend and I want to take pictures of that as well as show you all the canning process. I also want to try Meyer Lemon Marmalade and hope to take pictures of that also. I also want to talk about tax refunds, car maintenance, and ways I plan to spend to increase my preps as well as increase the comfort and security of my home.

I also want to reiterate that if you ever have a question for me about what I am doing or a concern over how I am doing, please let me know. I am not that scary!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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