Random Thoughts of a Busy and Somewhat Unfocused Mama

Random Thoughts of a Busy and Somewhat Unfocused Mama

Since my mind has been going in many different directions again lately and is losing focus rapidly, I will attempt to refocus here and torture you all with it too.

#1 Kids and injuries go together. Right? No? We have a 50% injury rate among kids right now with a pulled groin muscle and a broken arm. The other 50% knows they should not get injured right now. Mama may end up doing something crazy like order huge rolls of bubble wrap even though that is not in her budget right now.

#2 Who are we kidding? These are my kids with my genetics. Bubble wrap won’t help them. Hmmm…

#3 Speaking of budgets, I would like to create a workable budget. One that I can consistently use month after month. I am not good at budgeting so this might be a bigger challenge than I am willing to commit to. But a budget I need. Dang.

#4 My garden was not what I wanted it to be. I’m a bit disappointed.

#5 Hopefully the rain we get today and Saturday will be enough to loosen the ground so I can get my potatoes out and garlic planted. Right now, it is like digging into concrete.

#6 Where would I be without my friends? You all have no idea how you restore my sanity some days.

#7 I am having a blast canning tomatoes and all the different ways to do so. I am going to love having instant meals at my fingertips later courtesy of my work now.

#8 My kids think all the canning I do is a bit over the top. They don’t know what they are talking about.

#9 Sometimes I have to jump all over my kids’ cases about things. I feel horrible about when I do it, but I am reminding myself that this will be for the better. Sometimes I have to demand respect and sometimes I have to be the bad guy. I don’t want to be, but being a parent can be tough sometimes.

#10 I am constantly amazed at what my kids learn when they ride the school bus. Some of it is good, some of it is not good. Dane has learned to crack his neck like it is no big deal and at angles I never knew a human head could twist. I know it is not good for him, but honestly I am a bit in awe. I wish I could crack my neck!

#11 I need to get back on track with my preps. I feel like I have fallen a bit behind and, with a lack of funds, have not been able to do what I would like. I just keep reminding myself there is a lot to do that is free. Like getting my compost area set up!

#12 I need to get a handle on our daily schedule and calendar. I don’t know who is coming and going anymore!

What are your random thoughts for today? Crazy where the mind goes sometimes…

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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