Year End Review: The Bucket List

Year End Review: The Bucket List

Remember the bucket list I posted last year? Boy, did I have some lofty goals and ambitions!!!

Here is the list from last year and what I got accomplished on it:

 Erica’s Official 2012 Bucket List

1. Get my sewing machine fixed – No, need a new sewing machine
2. Sew something like a skirt for Jordan. – No
3. Start a quilt – I did start collecting the fabric for this quilt, but I do not have enough yet
4. Go to Las Vegas. I have always wanted to. – No
5. Decorate the walls in my room. – Yes!
6. Start using my fire pit more. – No, due to the dought conditions we had this summer
7. Take my kids on more day trips like to the aquarium in Dubuque and the Science Center in Des Moines. – We did take a few day trips like to Niagara Caves, Grotto of the Redemption, and the Rutland Dam
8. Take the girls to the Renaissance Faire in Shakopee. – No
9. Read the Bible and the Story of God from start to finish. – No, but I did make progress in both
10. Watch a NASCAR race in person. – No
11. Concentrate on being happy and grateful. – Yes although very difficult at times
12. Learn to knit. – No
13. Work on being a better parent at home by being more involved. – Yes, I think I did, but the jury is out on this one
14. Replace and paint the walls in the front entry and back entry of the house. – No
15. Work harder on looking for the good in others and only speaking well of others. – Yes I would like to think I did, but I know I failed on this at times
16. Finish the basement. – Almost there!
17. Expand my food pantry. – Yes
18. Purchase and put up curtains on every window in the house. – No
19. Can salsa and marinara sauce. Both seem a little intimidating. – Yes!
20. Break my sugar and soda habits.– Working on it. I have cut the soda way down and the sugar is going down too.

I can explain some of the things that did not get done. Having the finances and room in the budget for them would be the best explanation. We had some major car repairs and the purchase of a car for Jordan that put a dent into the finances. For this year, I am looking at ways to increase our income to be able to afford some of what I would like to do.

Time might have been a factor too, but when isn’t time a factor?

Tomorrow, I will be posting a 2013 Bucket List that may include some of what you saw on 2012’s list as well as new things. I need to ponder a little more of how important some of these things have and have not become to me.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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