What to think about the upcoming gun control legislation

What to think about the upcoming gun control legislation

The upcoming gun control legislation has me as a citizen of this country more than a little worried. We have been given rights as citizens of this country to bear arms and protect ourselves against threats to ourselves, our families, our homes, and our country. We have been given the right with the provision that we will be responsible for ourselves and not abuse this right to bear arms. We have been given this right with the thought that we will have the common sense to know when to use them and when not to use them.

The government and the special interest groups have decided that they have the right situation, the right amount of citizen anger, and the right amount of ammunition to introduce legislation to take away our right to bear arms. First, it will be the assault weapon ban. Then they will figure out how to make owning a gun a privilege and not a right. Then they will figure out how to make owning a gun illegal.

The Constitution is not dead. The Bill of Rights is not dead. They are still the documents our Founding Fathers wrote to govern this country and they are still valid. As much as our current government wants us to believe these documents are dead, they are not dead. They are being sorely abused, but they are not dead.

Our Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights are already being abused with the introduction of NDAA for the fiscal year 2012. We have a president who signs executive orders like he is a king instead of an elected official. If you read through his executive orders, you could see how he is slowly taking away the rights of this country’s citizens. But even the president knows that any gun legislation in this country will have to be done with a delicate hand and a lot of finesse.

Here is the deal though: there is no need for gun control. Our rights have been given to us by the Bill of Rights. Almost every state has a ban on guns being owned by a felon and mentally unstable citizens. Almost every state has a law concerning ownership of guns and how a citizen can be an owner of a gun and what guns they can own. Why does the federal government think they need to implement gun control when the states’ laws trump the federal laws? There is no need for this.

Do I believe that we should own assault weapons and guns? No, I don’t see the need for it, but I don’t see where the government should have the right to tell us which guns we can buy.

Will the government controlling gun rights control the citizens and reduce the acts of violence that can happen? No. If someone wants to murder bad enough, they will find a way. They will find a gun, they will not care where the gun came from or who owns it, and they will do the crime. They will do the crime irregardless of the weapon at hand, if they need a weapon at all.

Gun control does not address the real problem or problems. Gun control will take a legal activity of buying and owning a gun to being an illegal activity and people will still do it. The real problem is that most of the people who commit the crimes are mentally disturbed or insane and no one will do anything about the problem until it is too late to address it.

How many times do you hear of a heinous crime where the guilty has been described as being mentally unstable, disturbed, or “being a little odd lately”? And no one does anything about it?!?! That is the real crime. Being unable or unwilling to identify and deal with those who might have the capabilities to do these crimes is the problem that needs to be addressed.

Sadly, these heinous crimes have been happening before guns were even invented. They will be committed even if guns are ever illegal. With the technology and weapons we have today, guns are not even necessary for committing murders on a mass scale. Gun control will not solve these problems. Identifying those who are mentally unstable and dealing with them will help to solve these problems, but we do all know that insanity can be hidden under a veil of polish and charm.

Another thought to ponder and one I will not get too involved with today is the fact that if the government takes guns away from the citizens, will they take them away from themselves? You know the answer to that. The answer would be no and we will sink further into a military state of government. We live under the thin veil of democracy as it is, but taking away guns and making owning one illegal will strip away that veil. Look at the countries who have made owning a gun illegal. Crime rates have not changed and living there has made citizens feel as though they have no rights. Do we want that?

Gun control will not solve anything and is an infringement upon our rights as a citizen of this country. We need to ask ourselves and our elected officials what will be accomplished if gun control is ever enacted. The answer is already there.

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One thought on “What to think about the upcoming gun control legislation

  1. I will not register my guns or give them up. I will die fighting back or go to prison before I would give up my rights that the Constitution says I have. I served my time in the military protecting these rights for myself and every citizen of the United States. I could go on forever with this comment, knowing it wouldn't do much good to stop what is going on in the White House. Lets bring it on.

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