Monday Update

Monday Update

Hello everyone again! This week is a new week. At least, that is what I keep telling myself. I am tired and I did not sleep so well last night. Sometimes I think sleep and I could be better friends, but we both have different agendas so what is the point?

Saving money has been an unusual experience these last few weeks. I guess my tax refund was in my account on the 8th. I didn’t realize that fact until the 19th. Note to self: check bank account more often. I think I went a little crazy, but I have this idea. Would it be possible to buy almost everything we need for a whole year? I would be more than happy to hear your opinions of that!

We have been doing a little catch up though. The bills are paid off that I had been making payments on. Both girls’ prom dresses are bought and paid for except the altering. Paige NEEDED clothes and undergarments. She is growing like a weed and has a slightly different style than her sisters. She also has an upcoming trip that she needs nice clothes for and she didn’t have a ton of those either. I got some new-to-me clothes and that works for me.

We hit Kohl’s and found everything Paige needed and then some. The clearance racks were very, very good to us. Jordan found some great things for herself too. I did get a few undergarments, but I didn’t need much. We spent $285 and saved $536 including the 15% yes pass. I can’t complain about that!

Then I hit Menards. I have several projects that need attending to. One of those projects I hired out on because I don’t have the manpower, the time, or the skills for drywall and insulation. I want to get back to working on my basement though so I got paint and shelves on sale there. We have some painting and carpet replacing to do yet so I will be saving money for that also.

I also got an order into Vitacost with items needed for the house as well as some stocking up. I scored free shipping and a 15% code along with several sale items, thus making me feel very good. I also broke down and got a few items from Amazon: a 12 inch cast iron skillet, a hand-crank emergency radio, a knife sharpener, and some pepper spray for Shali to take to college.

Truth be told, I have another order sitting in my cart ready to go. I just deciding what I should get and if I really need those things or not. 

I broke down and bought The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn and Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy. I think both of these ladies are excellent with money-saving ideas and I can’t wait to dive into their books. I found both books online for a really good deal on I also downloaded books for free onto my Kindle.

Otherwise we are kind of in a lull at our house right now. Paige is playing basketball twice a week for three more weeks. Shali is doing school play and just finished speech. Jordan is part of the stage crew for the same play. We are getting things in order for Shali’s graduation and getting some college things out of the way.

I have had to make some tough decisions this last week on what needs to be done and my kids’ futures. I decided not to buy a new-to-me car at this time. I just can’t believe what it costs to buy a used car! I am actually appalled at what the mark-up is on cars now. I will wait for now. Some of the other decisions I am not really ready to talk about yet.

I also have been into a cleaning and decluttering mania. I don’t know what the psychology is behind this, but for some reason decluttering helps me think. The more I get rid of or throw away, the better I feel and the more clearly I think. I haven’t been tackling things on a whole room scale or anything like that. A paper pile here or there, a shelf, or a cabinet at a time has been the easiest thing to do and actually recommended by the experts.

That has been our last week. This week isn’t looking too bad, but we shall see!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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