Frugal Tip Friday: Waste Not The Paper!

Frugal Tip Friday: Waste Not The Paper!

With all the decluttering I have done in the office and seems to never end in that room, I have come across an amazing amount of papers. School papers. Notices. Junk mail that I thought was not. Things that I printed out.

The things these papers all have in common? Only one side is used! The waste!

I have trouble letting some of this paper go because the other side is clean and available. So we reuse it! If it is a whole sheet, I will tear it into for pieces for notepaper. Who needs notepads anyway? If it is a half-sheet of paper, I will either keep it that way or tear it into two pieces for notepaper. Sometimes I like the half-sheets of paper for making lists because I can write a longer list without using many sheets of paper.

We also reuse the backs of whole sheets for printing from the computer and coloring/painting for the kids.

If you want to get truly frugal, I remember my mom also reusing the backs of envelopes for her lists to the store. That lady has a use for almost anything!

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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