Starting to hate the term “prepper”

Starting to hate the term “prepper”

“Where are the prepping articles?”

“I thought you were a prepper, but I haven’t seen any posts lately.”

I almost starting to hate that term “prepper”. I dislike calling myself one because I know a lot of people could be categorized as a “prepper”, but would never think of themselves like that. They simply want to be ready for anything that could come their way. I feel the same.

The term “prepper” gives people the connotation of some one who is extreme and illogical in their preparations and scenarios. What you see on television about preppers gives people the wrong impression. Rarely are those people portrayed as normal people, but that is exactly what they are. For the sake of television ratings, they get a bad rap.

However, there is people who can be way out there, but I refuse to judge those people. They have their beliefs and they are living them. The only reason people judge them is because those people are not like them. We all should live our lives to how we believe, not what others think about us.

Who is a “prepper” then?

A “prepper” is someone who hopes for the best, but prepares for the worst. A “prepper” has a plan in place and constantly tweaks the plan for any contingencies. A “prepper” is someone whose primary priority is to take care of their family no matter what the situation is or could be. A “prepper” is someone who sees what may be coming and gets ready for that situation(s).

Those definitions would define most of the people in my life, but they would furiously deny being a “prepper”. I have friends with more food in their house than I could ever hope to have, but they would never consider themselves as “preppers”. I have friends who have good-sized gardens every year to put up food for the winter and animals for meat and eggs, but would never consider themselves “preppers”.  I have friends who have learned to fix and make all sorts of things so they could do it themselves, but would never consider themselves “preppers”.

Why should they? This is just a way of life for them. They want to learn those skills, provide for their families, and be self-sufficient. This is not prepping to them, this is how they live. Kudos to them too because we all should think about living like this instead of being dependent on others to provide for us.

I understand that many of us do not have the time or resources for prepping, but many of us are lazy also. We would rather be sitting in front of the television or computer instead of doing something. Many of us feel entitled to our down time when we put in so many hours a day at work, but that very entitlement is what could be what is wrong with a lot of people.

So maybe being defined as a “prepper” is not such a bad thing, but we need to give it our own definition instead of the media. If you chose not use the term, I would completely understand. But please, please don’t let that term deter you away from being prepared. Everyone should be.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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