Frugal Tip Friday: Spend Time with Your Minions

Frugal Tip Friday: Spend Time with Your Minions

Today’s frugal tip is not so much frugal as it is just plain needed.

Spend time with your minions, ummm…children!

I call my kids minions from time to time because we love that movie, Despicable Me. And, sometimes, it fits.

As they are growing up more and more, I have learned something. Spend time with them and let them know you care. Love on them. Listen to them.

This is the most frugal thing you could do as a parent as it costs nothing but your time and your heart. They will be more secure with themselves and the world because they know you love them. Sometimes, they will remember that love and caring when they get into tough situations and it will help get them through.

It also might stop you from completely melting when you think about having one graduate from high school, two with drivers’ licenses, three who can look you in the eye, and four who might be too smart for their own good. Just saying.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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