No Spend September – Will You Join Me?

No Spend September – Will You Join Me?

Due to some unexpected expenses and trying to get caught up on some other bills that I was working on paying off, I am declaring a No Spend September. I am also extending an invitation to you all to join me!

A No Spend Month can look a little different for everyone. Some people will choose to live off what they have in the pantry and some will allow a minimum budget for the grocery store. Some will have some expected expenses that they will need to cover in this month and others will strive to not spend anything that is not necessary.

A No Spend Month is a challenge. It may be difficult at times. It may require sacrifices and disappointments. You may feel like you are failing, but just get back up and at it! You may be pleasantly surprised by how creative you can be.

A No Spend Month is also a time to look at your finances, your expenses, and your budget. What can you live without? What do you really need? Can your money be put to better use? Can you put some of your money in savings or a rainy-day fund?

Some people participating in this will be really strict. Others might have to give themselves a little slack while staying true to the theme of the month.

What will my No Spend September look like?
  * My grocery budget will be $130.00. That should cover any dairy and produce for the month.
  * I am setting a monthly household budget of $50.00 to cover pet food and any other incidentals.
  * I will have to allow some money for admittance to volleyball games and the volleyball shirt I ordered a few weeks ago. Hopefully, I can sell a few things to cover those expenses.
  * I would also like to keep my gas fills down to 1-2 times a week.

As always, there will be surprises during the month and some creativity may be needed. The goal for No Spend September will be to spend no money! If I can get under my set budget and raise other cash to pay for things, I will be absolutely thrilled.

Does a whole month sound overwhelming to you? Break down the month into weeks and try a week at a time. Stuff happens and I understand that completely! Stick with us, but please give yourself some grace too!

I hope to post each Monday how the progress is going. I will include my progress in my Monday Frugal Update. Please post your progress too! Being accountable to each other and being each other’s support will be a huge encouragement to everyone!

Join me!

Thanks for reading!

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