Things to make your Cell Phone/Smart Phone run better

Things to make your Cell Phone/Smart Phone run better

Since I entered the Smart Phone world recently, I have had to learn a lot about this phone! I love its conveniences as well as its very, very helpful features. Some of those helpful features and conveniences come with some downfalls that end up costing you more money and time. They become very inconvenient! Then we get frustrated.

The first thing to know about your cell phone is how to save your battery. I could not figure out why I was going through my battery so fast and constantly recharging the battery. Then I learned a few things and figured out some more. This is very simple.

Shut off the Wi-Fi and the Data on your phone when you are not using it. 

With the Wi-Fi and Data shut off, your phone is not constantly searching for a signal, not continually trying to update, and not trying to download anything. Also with those things shut off, your phone is not trying to find your location which can be the biggest drain on your phone battery.

With these shut off, you are saving your phone battery which will save electricity since you are not recharging as often. You will also noticed a difference in your data usage which may mean you might be able to go to a cheaper plan that has less data and more savings. A win-win!

Another thing that will drain your battery and your memory is your text messages. I find texting incredibly convenient when I am just wanting to remind my kids of something or I have a short update to send to someone. Texting, however, has its pitfalls too when it comes to your phone.

If you have teenagers, you will recognize this next tip.

Stop sending meaningless texts and delete texts that do not contain important information.

Keeping a bunch of texts on your phone will drain your memory as well as your battery. Teenagers are really good doing this too as well as sending the “yeah, yeah, okay, okay” texts. I call them that because if you check their phone, you will see a bunch of this:

A: yeah
B: yeah
A: yeah
B: yeah
A: lol
B: lol
A: okay
B: yeah

Over and over again. Teach your teens to delete them right away or not do it. If you are a grown adult doing this, the same goes for you! Deleting your messages promptly will keep your memory issues away and your battery life fuller.

One of my favorite features on my phone is the camera and video taker! If I forget my regular camera, I can use my phone! If I don’t feel like having two or more pieces of equipment with me or carry my purse, no worries because I have my phone. However, keeping a lot of pictures and videos on your phone can cause a real drain on your battery and your memory.

Download the pictures/videos on to your computer and get them off your phone.

Love all the apps, ringtones, wallpapers, and other things you can have on your phone? I know I do! So many great things to put on your phone that are free and could help you save money. But….they can be a real drag on your memory and can really drain your battery if you need to have those apps on when you are shopping. Or if the apps need to be constantly updated or need to know your location at all times.

Choose apps that will help you save money without having to know your location.

I know some of those apps can also make you money, but I rarely find them worth the time. I usually find one with in-store coupons or discounts that just need to scan my phone to use. Then I can just turn on my Data before I get to the check-out line and get the coupon ready.

I hope these tips will help you with your phone and to save money while having your phone. I think they can be a good tool to help a busy person, but they need to be used wisely!

Thanks for reading!

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