Weekend Ideas and To-Do’s

Weekend Ideas and To-Do’s

I am feeling a little lost right now. We are looking at several big changes happening to us over the next week.

Four kids going three different directions.
College and high school.
Junior high school and elementary school at a completely new-to-us school district.
School starting next week.
A kid moving to college at the end of the week. 
A mama feeling a little frazzled over logistics and change.

Change happens, but I am not a fan of it for various reasons. However, my one way to cope with change is to get organized and get things accomplished. This weekend looks to be busy for almost everyone, but me!

Things to get done:

Clean the kitchen
Make lactose-free yogurt for Paige
Make a double batch of granola
Make a batch of cheese crackers
Make a triple batch of granola bars
Boil/Bake a dozen hard-boiled eggs
Mail out sold books
Clean up office floor
Hang up big calendar so everyone can write down reminders and happenings
Clear off bulletin boards in office
Get any college paperwork done that is left
Take pictures of plates to be sold
List more books on Ebay and Half.com
Look at and hopefully purchase a college dorm bed loft
Laundry (always!)

That sounds like plenty to me to get done. Hopefully it will get done!

What is on your plate for the weekend?

Thanks for reading!

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