Weekend Links

Weekend Links

I wanted to start something for the weekends and I couldn’t really decide what. I have a lot of interests and I read about a lot of different things. I always want to share that information with you and I couldn’t decide on the best way for a long time. I always want to sound like the expert and share this information with you after I tried it, but you know I just don’t have the time to try everything I want to.

Every weekend I will share with you 5-8 articles, blog posts, videos, or books that I think you should check out. I will be posting where they came from and what the article is with a link for you to go see them yourself. This truly is the best way because I do not want to take credit where credit is not due.

So, without further ado…

If You Could Make More Money By Going On Welfare Instead of Working, Would You Do It? by The Economic Collapse

DIY Liquid Castile Soap “Wonderful” by Backdoor Survival

Natural Headache Remedies To Ease Your Pain by diyNatural

100 Things You Never Need To Buy by Trash Backwards

Newly Discovered Eighth Grade Exam From 1912 Shows How Dumbed Down America Has Become by The American Dream

How Young Americans Survived the Hard Times of the Great Depression by The Prepper Journal

Freezer Meals on the Cheap by A Turtle’s Life for Me

Here is a video that I found very eye-opening and inspiring: Freedom is Dying by southernprepper1

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