Christmas in September – What?!?!

Christmas in September – What?!?!

 (From Christmas 2010 – My kids were so little!)

Time to start thinking about Christmas!

What that you say, Erica? Not ready for that Christmas thing!

Me neither, but let’s get a positive attitude about it!

We have three months and two weeks until Christmas! I also have two birthdays in that time so a little more creative planning is involved. I like to think ahead about these things and get the ball rolling.

I have simplified Christmas to only giving my kids four gifts and a stocking stuffed full. This makes my shopping easier, but I still get to buy sixteen gifts total. Oy!

I have the kids’ gifts broken up into four areas:
(1) Something to wear
(2) Something to read (usually about 3-4 books)
(3) Something they want
(4) Something they need

I ask nicely (maybe I mean demand) wish lists from all of them. That way I know what they want, especially the teenagers. They can be the tricky ones! This year I have a college student too. New territory for this mama! I have no idea what to buy for her!

If I want to make anything homemade, I need to start thinking about this now. Usually my grandma and the other women in my life get homemade gifts and gift baskets. I also want to make some homemade things for the stockings this year so I need to find ideas for that. I have a ton of ideas pinned already to my Pinterest board for gift ideas and craft ideas.

I also used to send out a picture of my kids altogether so everyone to see how much they have changed. I would like to get back to that! Maybe even send out Christmas cards….

And then, we do have to talk about the Christmas goodies. Can’t forget about food! 

Christmas takes some planning and some doing. It can be done frugally and with a lot of considerate thought. Every week from now until Christmas, I will be doing a post to help you (and me!) get ready for Christmas whether it is to tackle the shopping, the crafting, the idea making, the scheduling, and the other things that take time at Christmas.

Are you ready? Are you with me? Yeah!

Thanks for reading!

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