Planning for Christmas – Week 2

Planning for Christmas – Week 2

(I was a bit busy this week and am a bit behind. Monday’s frugal update will be next Monday! Thanks!)

With Week 1’s Planning for Christmas, we got our holiday notebooks and our list of people we wanted to give presents to written in it. This week will be building upon it.

First, I want you to write your family traditions in your holiday notebooks. Anything you do for the holidays that your family loves to do, you love to do, food you love to make, and whatever else you consider a tradition. Think about what your family loves to do at the holidays.

Notice I use the word “love”. If you have a family tradition that seems like a burden, reconsider that tradition. This is all about making the holidays fun, easier, frugal, and organized. If a tradition is a burden, it is becomes a chore and that is not what the holidays are about.

After writing down your traditions, make a list of things you need to make those traditions happen. Whether it be food, gifts, craft supplies, paper, printer ink, etc., write it down on the list. Also make notes for yourself on a calendar if you need to make appointments to do things, buy tickets, reminders to find out when events are happening, and whatnot.

Secondly, start working on wish lists from your family and kids. Honestly, these wish lists are a wondrous tool for me! I like having an idea about what to shop for. My kids still don’t know what they are getting. I have diverted from their wish lists in the past, but I love the ideas about what to get them. They make my holiday shopping infinitely easier!

My kids search the internet, catalogs, store shelves, and question friends and myself about what they should put on the list for Christmas. I do tell them they can put whatever they like on their list because I also share these lists with grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, and cousins. Some things they list will never happen, but that hasn’t stopped the request for a pony from showing up every year!

When the kids are done with their wish lists, store them in the notebook or stash them in your purse. You can even take a picture of them to store in your phone for quick access! I staple the wish lists in my notebook so I don’t lose them!

Lastly, in your notebook, start jotting down gift ideas for the people on your shopping list. What do you want to give them? Do you have ideas already? Have you bought something for them already? Write it down! I get so busy that I forget what I have done! I am sure you do too so get those ideas on paper!

This should be plenty of things for everyone to get done! I can’t wait until next week to get more done!

Thanks for reading!

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