Planning for Christmas – Week 3

Planning for Christmas – Week 3

With Week 1 and Week 2 down, the planning has begun, the wish lists have been given to you, and you have your lists ready. Right?

If you don’t, don’t feel bad! You have plenty of time yet to get going!

This week we will be focusing on three things. None of them are very difficult, but all of them need some time to get accomplished. That means getting started now!

1. If any homemade gifts or stocking stuffers need to be started, start now. If you are doing anything like homemade extracts, jams, jellies, butters, vinegars, candles, or whatnot, start now. Anything that needs time to cure or develop flavor should be started now. Anything you can do now should be started so you are not stressed out later!

2. Now is also the time to start purchasing gifts. To make it easier on your budget and your wallet, start purchasing now. I have a few gifts already for Dane, one for Paige, and one for each of the girls. I also have a good deal of the stocking stuffers bought, but I do that all year. Don’t forget to check out the clearance sections at the stores like Hobby Lobby or Target. A lot of great things have been picked there in the past!

3. Make your Christmas card list! I still do this, but I have scaled it back in the last few years. However, I love getting the cards in the mail so I still send them! If you are making cards, knowing how many to send now will save you time and trouble later.

That is it for this week! Not much, but enough to get started!

Thanks for reading!

(So sorry about the delay in this series! I will be back on track now!)

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