Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…

…And this is a holiday that I don’t care for.

Commercials proclaiming “Show her your love on this special day.” Really? If you really are in love, shouldn’t you be showing her or him your love everyday?

To me, love is not flowers, jewelry, expensive clothes, expensive dinners, and whatnot. Those things are nice and can show appreciation, but to me they do not show love.

Love is changing the oil in the car, changing the light bulb when it goes out, fixing the door, holding hands, an occasional hug, a just because card, fixing dinner for the other or together, calling just because, laughing together, and all the other everyday things that happen.

Love is appreciating the person beside you by doing the little things for them. 

Love is showing someone everyday you care.

Love is going through a tough time together and becoming stronger because you did together. 

Love is buying them Caramel De-Lites because you know they love them (yes he did love them!).

Love is running out to get ice cream because she is craving some at the moment (yes he did that!).

I used to work for a florist. That should just about sum up why I don’t like the holiday, but that is not all. I would see guys buy expensive flowers just because it was Valentine’s Day. I would see that same couple the next day yelling and screaming at each other. I would see guys buy their wives flowers and having an affair behind their back. I would see people buying expensive flowers when they didn’t have the money for them, but they were expected to buy them.

Money and things are not love.

Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers! I don’t want those flowers just because it is a holiday to show his love. I want those flowers because he was thinking of me and thought I would like them. I want them because he could afford a little something extra and he thought of me. I want them because he thought I needed cheering up and that would do it.

Every day should be Valentine’s Day.

Every day you should show that someone you love them, care for them, appreciate them, and are thinking about them.

Make every day Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for reading!

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