Monday Frugal Update

Monday Frugal Update

We had some big things happen this week in the house…

Rob came down last week and helped to move some of my family to assisted living. We got a free full-size bed, the bedding, and some odds and ends for helping. We set the new bed up in Dane’s room and took down the bunk beds. They will be going to Rob’s house for the kids to sleep on. We rearranged Dane’s room and cleaned out a lot of stuff which has me thinking about having a garage sale. Great weekend to get a lot done! We have a few more things to do and I would like to replace the paneling in his room yet. We shall see.

We are also working on Paige’s room to clean it out to get her ceiling fixed. It will have to either be re-plastered or put sheet rock over the ceiling. She had a crack start this last fall that has gotten progressively worse over the winter.

I also got the outdoor clotheslines tightened up and hung three loads of laundry outside on Sunday! I love the smell of clothes dried outside!

Since I had to put new rear shocks in my van this past week, I am putting off car shopping. So far, I have put $700-800 into my van since January and feel like it can last a bit longer. And by putting off the decision, I can save more money for something a bit newer.

I got my raise and bonus for the year from work. I got a $.40 an hour raise and a bonus of almost $1900. That will help the budget tremendously!

I have started setting up reminders in my phone to help me remember to pay my bills on time. This month, that reminder system has saved me $10 in late fees since I usually forget to pay my cell phone bill on time. A lot of my bills are taken out automatically, but I have slowly been quitting this system so I am not hit with unexpected and unpleasant surprises on my bills.

I got another bag of clothes for Dane which consisted on mostly shirts, sweatshirts, and a few pants! Huzzah!

I made granola, two loaves of cinnamon, and plenty of leftovers. I need to get to the store today for the boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are on sale and a staple in most of my recipes. I have several new recipes to try and need these to do so!

I have pretty much gone on a spending freeze for any extras right now. I am finding myself spending money when I should be saving as much as I can, but I have so many things that I want to get done or fixed. I have a grill that I need parts for. I did order the new burners for it last night. We will be visiting a store closing this week and finishing Easter shopping so that will be most of my spending for this week.

Gardening should be starting soon here. I am getting marigolds started and considering starting a few of my other plants for the garden. If the weather continues to be nice, I will have the tree out my next weekend and possibly one of my raised beds built. *Finger crossed* Maybe I will find a chicken coop too by the end of the week! I am very anxious to get my chicks and get started!

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