Please Stop Advertising Your Whereabouts (A Lesson In Safety and Security)!

Please Stop Advertising Your Whereabouts (A Lesson In Safety and Security)!

One of the great pluses and downfalls of social media is the ability to let everyone know what you are doing and where you are at at any given time. I personally think social media is very handy and find enjoyment in it. However, the downfalls of social media make me cringe.

One of those downfalls is the posting of your whereabouts. Many people think the option of “checking in” and “finding their location” is just wonderful so they can attract others that might be there or to draw attention to a great place or to themselves. However, I have a totally different feeling about these options.

I think they are a good way to attract burglars to your home.

Many burglary cases are now traced back to someone posting on a social media site that they have left for work, are at work, on vacation, out for dinner, at a friend’s house and so on. Advertising your whereabouts makes you a target. Letting anyone besides your closest friends and family member know that you will be gone is a big mistake. With a public profile, less than honest people can find out all sorts of things about us.

I rarely tell anyone when my kids and/or I will be gone. We have a fairly unpredictable schedule with people coming and going at all times of the day and night, but I still don’t tell. All burglars need is a 15-30 minute window to rob you blind. A security system might keep you safe, but with where I live the authorities would not be there for 15-20 minutes. Plenty of time for them to get in and get out.

If you want to post your whereabouts, please understand that unless your profile is private and/or only friends can your posts everyone sees what you are doing. Even so, how people are you friends with or have following you do you know personally or are close with? I know my list and I am guessing not as many as you think.

Please stop posting your whereabouts.

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