Make Your Own Face and Eye Cream

Make Your Own Face and Eye Cream

One of those areas I haven’t given up my vanity on is my face. I don’t wear a lot of cosmetics, just concealer and mascara. After I get out of the shower, I put on clear lip balm to keep them from chapping. Then I put on eye and face cream.

I ran out one morning and decided to go to the store to buy some more on my lunch break. What I saw just about made me lose my lunch! Eye cream was $12.00 for a little tube and face cream was $14.00 for a small bottle.

Are you kidding me?!?! I don’t care how long they last! That is a lot of money!

Then I started reading the ingredients. I couldn’t pronounce over half of the ingredients and this was suppose to be their healthy, all-natural line of face products. That is just ridiculous!

I still broke out with acne which has plagued me since I was pregnant with my first child. Nineteen years ago. Ack! I like looking younger, but I have no need to look like a teenager!

Time to start doing some research on how to make my own. I love how some people just had a few ingredients, but I didn’t have those ingredients on hand. I didn’t love recipes that called for emulsifying and reducing and letting the concoction sit for several days. I needed to find something by the morning or my face, mainly the cheeks, would crack from dryness!

I saw several people on different boards suggesting the use of coconut oil. Coconut oil is the miracle cream/oil of our household. I found out that coconut oil had antibacterial qualities and was great for sensitive skin.

Hot dang!

Then I started wondering if I could combine my face cream with my eye cream.  I am all about a simple morning routine. I like to be able to sleep longer!

After a successful six month trial, I can tell you this works. I haven’t had a breakout since the first month. I do still have the occasional blackhead on my chin, but I can deal with that. I do wash my face with an olive oil based face cleanser, but that is all I do. I use this cream afterwards.

Face and Eye Cream

1/4 cup organic coconut oil
4 vitamin E softgels (optional)

Warm the coconut oil enough to make it soft, but not hot and melted. Clip the end of the vitamin E softgels and squeeze them into the coconut oil. Mix together. Put mixture into a small container, preferably glass, but plastic works too. 

I will tell you the vitamin E is optional, but I added it to the mixture to give a boost to my eyes. My skin gets extremely dry around my eyes in the winter and this helps. I hope it helps you too!

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