Want to Save Money? Lose The Emails That Help You Part From Your Money!

Want to Save Money? Lose The Emails That Help You Part From Your Money!

In my 13 Ways to Save Money post, the first point I made was unsubscribing to emails and blogs that encourage you to part with your money. Those websites seem so innocent because they offer free items, point out great deals, help you with stacking coupons with deals, and steer you towards other sites that need your money. They seem so great and helpful. And heaven help me, I love them!

The temptation to spend money comes in many forms. I used to get emails with 50% off today, buy one get one free, free with purchase, and more. More times than not, I would fall for them. Then I would wonder why I was broke or struggling to make ends meet.

So I started to unsubscribe. Good-bye to the Old Navy, JC Penneys, and Kohls. Good-bye to the Retail Me Not daily and weekly update. Good-bye to any money spent to save emails. I unliked several pages on Facebook that were too tempting for my wallet.  I unsubscribed to all, but 3-4 that really saved me money or offered a lot of free items.

I did bookmark these sites on the computer, but I don’t look at them unless I am looking for something specific or have some money to make future purchases (clothes, shoes, etc.). I also downloaded a few money saving/money making apps on my phone to help me save money, but I don’t look at them unless I am uploading a receipt or in that store and looking for the deals.

Quite honestly, this has been one of my biggest money-saving moves. No emails, no temptations. Like I said, I still get a few. However, if I don’t want to shop or don’t want the temptation, I delete them right away.

For those of you that say this is easy, it is. The decision on what to keep or what to get rid of is hard. Some companies and blogs don’t want you to leave and will continue to send you “special” emails. Be strong and resist! Keep unsubscribing!

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