Make Your Own Pet Food and Treats!

Make Your Own Pet Food and Treats!

Have you seen how much pet food costs nowadays? I tend to buy better quality food and treats because I believe that the by-products are not good for our pets. I also believe that if I wouldn’t eat it, they shouldn’t eat it either.

One of the areas I have tried hard to cut down expenses in has been pet food. I have two indoor cats, one outdoor dog, two goldfish, and twelve chickens. I feel like I am buying food all the time! My local feed mill makes my chicken layer feed for me for $12 for 50 pounds. The goldfish eat flakes and that is all they like. 

My cats are much more discerning. Both of my cats cannot have food with by-products in it and grain is not recommended either. A seven-pound bag of cat food can cost me $10-15 a month. The dog will eat anything that smells good to her. She is not at all discerning. I do like to make sure she is eating healthy and 30-pound of dog food can cost me $25 (ballpark figure). 

However you look at it, good quality pet food is expensive. I make my own pet treats all the time and I love the cost-savings! So much cheaper than store bought! I make dog biscuits a lot. I also get the soup bones when I get a quarter beef and give those to the dog as a treat. I make little cat treats when the mood strikes, but they don’t always care for them.

I am in the process of learning how to make dog and cat food. While I don’t have any specific recipes for dog and cat food, I do know some fellow bloggers who do have recipes and advice on what to make and feed your pets! I have included their links here: 

Dog Biscuits in a Jar

You can also check out these books about high-quality pet food recipes:




Do you make your pet food and treats? What does your pet love?

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