You make choices every day. It has been guessed that an average person will make 2500-3200 choices in a single day. That seems like a lot. However, it makes sense. You are consciously and unconsciously making choices every minute of your day. Even if you don’t believe so, you are still making choices. 

Even though you may be on autopilot right now, you are still making choices. You may have routines in place to don’t need to think, but those are still choices. You could upset your entire routine by making a decision to change your alarm, change your route to work, or even stopping to help someone. You make choices even if you are on a routine.

What choices do you make every day? 

You choose how you spend your day and where your time goes. You make think you don’t decide to go to work because you think it has to be done, but you choose every day to go to work. You could choose differently.

You choose to stay stuck.

You choose who you surround yourself with.

You choose who you listen to.

You choose how your level of involvement in relationships and in society.

You choose what to make for meals and what you will eat.

You choose how you raise your kids.

You choose your level of physical activity.

You choose how you spend your money. You choose to save money. You choose where your money goes. You choose whether to stay broke or prosper.

You choose your level of preparedness.

You choose your level of education, skills, and tools. 

You choose your responses to people, to social media, and to mass media.

You choose ignorance and inactivity.

You choose your independence/dependence and freedom. 

You choose your habits.

You choose to be grateful.

You choose to be angry.

You choose how to treat people.

You choose …

You choose a lot of things. You make small, tiny, incremental decisions every day. You may make big decisions, like buying a house or a vehicle, but they will likely impact you less than the small daily decisions you make unconsciously and consciously.

What seems to be missing from our choices now is accountability. Many people want to make choices and not be held responsible for the choices they made. Many people think they are stuck. They think they are victims and can’t do anything differently. We are all victims in some way, shape, and form. However, we all make choices about where to go from there. 

You can do whatever you want to do. You can change and you can grow. You can take risks. You can choose to be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to take on whatever life throws at you. You can choose to move out of the city to build the life that you want. You can choose to be more prepared. You can choose to save money instead of wasting money on frivolous things. You choose to go for a daily walk to improve your health and clear your mind. You can choose to fight for your freedoms instead of playing dead when more laws are created. 

We make the choices that have gotten us to where we are at. Sometimes, choices are made for us, but you still get to choose how to respond and how to proceed. 

What will we choose today to improve our tomorrow?

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