Prepper Update: Where I Am Now and What I Am Thinking (February 2022)

Prepper Update: Where I Am Now and What I Am Thinking (February 2022)

Has the world ended yet? No. 

Are some foolish decisions being made by those in power? Yes. As of right now, war is a definite possibility. Supply disruptions, embargos, and more will be a definite problem. 

That alone is causing me to rethink my prepping strategies a bit. I start thinking I need to do all the things and get all my ducks in a row. However, just when I think I am doing that, something else comes along.

I am currently looking for another vehicle to purchase. Needless to say, this market is something else right now. I have some criteria for this vehicle: (1) it needs to be able to have four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, (2) it needs to be able to haul things in the cargo area, and (3) it needs to be able to pull my camper. I am looking at older vehicles, but good gravy prices are crazy right now! A fifteen-year-old truck with 190,000 miles should not be $15,000 – 20,000!!!

So, I am being patient and looking around. However, we are down to one vehicle in a house of two drivers with differing schedules at times. We have been fine with just one, but that will change when he has a summer job. 

Security has also been on my mind lately. I mentioned this last month, but I have taken some measures this month. I did buy a .22 semi-automatic shotgun. This is my first real gun. I have thought about purchasing one many times, but I decided to take care of the issue this month. I also went back to using the driveway alarm, so we are not surprised when someone comes to the front door. I also plan on getting a Ring doorbell or something similar for the front door. I am also thinking about putting a game camera somewhere else on the property. 

Why all this precaution? Because when money gets tight, people get desperate. Desperate people like to steal things. I do not want to have my things stolen. We also have a critter problem and I would like to know when they are coming around and what they are doing to drive my dog crazy. 

Also, this month, I have ordered fifteen new laying hens to be picked up on April 5th. I did order from Murray McMurray’s in Webster City this year. This is where I got my very first batch of chicks and I decided to go back to them. I purchased the brown egg layer mix and I can’t wait to see which breeds we get this time! 

I will be starting seeds the first week of March. I could have started sooner, but I know I will have 8-10 weeks before I can plant anything delicate (tomatoes, peppers) outside. I will be starting tomatoes (grape plus 3 varieties), peppers (3 varieties), and broccoli for sure. I might possibly start cucumbers, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts too. I also plan to start some herbs like basil, parsley, oregano, and others. 

I am also looking for ways to be more productive in the garden with less work. While I think I will be using various methods, I plan on two raised beds for carrots, beets, and other root crops. Potatoes will be grown by the Ruth Stout method again as this worked beautifully last year. I may lay more cardboard/landscape fabric down because I just don’t have time to weed. 

Now for my thoughts. Too many factors are pointing to tougher times. I agree with Fred from Modern Refugee on YouTube. The following two years will be an experience. Self-sufficiency will not just be the way to go but will be necessary to ride out the next few years. 

I am trying to learn new skills and become even more frugal. I know it may be hard for some people to become self-sufficient, but try to find ways to become less dependent on the supply system. I am looking for ways to reuse items, fix items, and generally make everything last longer. It’s not easy, but I have a feeling nothing will be easy for a while.

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