21 Pieces of Advice for My Adult Kids

21 Pieces of Advice for My Adult Kids

Dear Kiddos,

I know you all know that I am a fountain of advice and knowledge. Otherwise, you wouldn’t call home and ask me things. However, I thought about all the things I have experienced and the mistakes I have made in life. I have done things the right way and definitely the wrong way. I have made people happy and really hurt people who didn’t deserve it, including you four at times. Sometimes, I have had to be the tough mom, and now that you are all older, I can be your mom and friend.

I know you have all thought at times that I don’t get it or understand what you are going through at the time. I think you all are coming to realize that I may have done that and then some. In the spirit of who I really am, I would like to share twenty-one pieces of practical life advice with you.

And yes, some of this advice contains inside jokes. Feel free to ask about them!

  1. Always carry a flashlight, extra charging cord, first aid kit, emergency cash, and other basic things. They will fit in your purse or backpack. You will never know when you need these things, but I guarantee you that you will.
  2. Keep the gas tank in your car full. Never let it get below half of a tank. Trust me, you will run out of gas at the worst times.
  3. Please keep two weeks’ worth of groceries in your house. Illness, job loss, and generally life happens and you can’t always get to the grocery store.
  4. Supper never has to be a gourmet meal. It just has to fill bellies. There is no shame in eating corn casserole, tacos, and spaghetti every week. You all did and lived to tell the world about it.
  5. Remember, your mom and your siblings may not always agree with you, but they will always have your back.
  6. Your grandparents loved you before you were even born. They all think you are one of the best things that have happened in their lives. Treasure that relationship and always keep in touch. You will miss them terribly when they are gone.
  7. Always be learning something new and always have a project going. These things will keep your mind sharp and keep your hands busy.
  8. Life is more than just work. Remember to relax, play, and get some sunshine!
  9. Sometimes fences need to be mended and sometimes bridges need to be burned. However, it is easier to forgive and mend a fence than it is to rebuild a bridge. You will need to use wisdom and discernment in both cases.
  10. You all live in the Midwest right now. Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle and go through it seasonally. You will need it when you least expect it.
  11. Always have emergency supplies in your house, apartment, or dorm room. You need lighting, first aid supplies, ways to stay warm and cool, extra ready-to-eat food, and a way to stay secure in your space. There is no excuse for being helpless if you can take the time to be prepared.
  12. Once you grow your own food, you will understand why I loved it so much. Nothing tastes like a summer tomato or strawberries you grew yourself. Please grow food in a garden or pots on the balcony/patio. It’s worth the effort.
  13. Ensure you have your emergency contacts on your phone and keep them updated.
  14. Find something to believe in, have goals to attain, and have dreams to be realized. Life is not much fun without something to believe in and something to look forward to doing.
  15. Find your community. Find that group of people who will be there for you when you need them, will help you in your times of need, and will be the right people to experience the apocalypse with if that should happen. It may be your family, a close group of friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, or a combination of all of them. Life should not be experienced alone, no matter how introverted you can be at times.
  16. Remember the number one rule of the house: Treat others how you want to be treated! (I realize this may confuse my kids as they believe the number one rule is that we don’t do emergency rooms!)
  17. Have your own library. Have books to read for pleasure and have books for reference. Reading for pleasure can be a great way to deal with stress. Someday, you may need to know something, and the internet will not be able to help you or may even not be available for you to use.
  18. Smile at everyone and say hello if possible. Everyone deserves to see a smiling face and you will always make a good impression on people by being friendly.
  19. Life can really suck sometimes. It may not be going in the direction you wanted to go. You may have done or said something stupid. You may have made a bad decision. You may have hurt someone you loved. However, those things can be overcome with a little time, forgiveness, and humility. They just seem very overwhelming at the moment.
  20. This one will be the harshest truth. In the day and age where you are told your feelings matter, you are going to find out that many people (co-workers, bosses, teachers, cops, etc.) do not care one iota about your feelings. They care about what you just did, have done, and your plans to do more or fix the situation. Your feelings need to be reserved for friends, significant others, and families. Otherwise, you are going to have a rough go of it in this world.
  21. Remember, your mom will always love you. And no, she does not have a favorite child!

Thanks for reading,

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