Back in Action!

Back in Action!

I came back!!! I do have mixed feelings about this, but seriously I can only handle three days of tractor pulling. Then my ears need to re-adjust. I love tractor pulling and meeting new people as well as seeing old acquaintances from last year! I also love the sound of the tractors and engines. So powerful!

Courtesy of The Young Blood Pulling Team Facebook Page (BTW They won Sunday!!!)

Seriously though, I do not like to be gone any longer than four days at any one time because:

1. I do actually start to miss my kiddos. To be honest, this might take me a day or two to start missing them, but I love them too much to be gone for too long.

2. I have too much going on in my life with my kids’ lives and schedules. Being gone too long is not good. I miss them too much and am very lost when I get home.

The number two reason hit me upside the head today. I have been gone since Wednesday night and I feel lost and very, very behind on what I need to do. Like the garden which won’t get done until Wednesday night after I clean out the gutters and make sure Paige is packed up to go to Washington DC with her grandparents (Yeah for Paige!). The house that needs to be cleaned up and decluttered. The food storage issue that needs to be addressed.

I start to panic and get a little jittery not knowing what I am suppose to be doing. Today I spent some of the day updating my calendar online. I love, love, love my online calendar on Cozi. So awesome! They will send me my weekly schedule every Sunday and will send me reminders my email and text message. Love it!

The email looks something like this:

The Nygaard Family Calendar

June 27–July 3 Add appointments

5:30 p – 8:30 p *Shali *Jordan Softball Game (Bode)

6:00 p – 9:00 p *Shali *Jordan Softball Game (Williams)


— All Day — *Paige *Chris & Anne DC Trip
6:00 p – 9:00 p *Shali *Jordan Softball Game (Luverne)

— All Day — *Paige *Chris & Anne DC Trip
5:30 p – 8:30 p *Shali *Jordan Softball Game (Luverne)

— All Day — *Paige *Chris & Anne DC Trip

— All Day — *Paige *Chris & Anne DC Trip

(Sorry about the size. I tried to make it fit the blog post.) 

Not too bad for this week, but due to the mail that I got today more needs to be filled in. Like open gyms for volleyball and final drivers education classes for Jordan. Like fundraising for the Washington DC school trip that Paige will be going on in two years. You get the idea.

I love the easy format of this site. You can create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. You can also create to-do lists on Cozi as well as grocery lists. The FlyLady is also on Cozi and you can see what zone you are suppose to be working on for the week with a to-do list. Yeah!

This is only one of my tips for keeping my sanity intact. I will pass on more this week and next!

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!

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