No Spend Update #1

No Spend Update #1

So far, so good on the no spending for July and August!

We had one of the weekends I blogged about earlier and had a mini vacation weekend. Most of the ideas were Rob’s and he, very generously, took care of most of it! I was surprised and enjoyed it all the more! We built a fire, had smores, and lit some fireworks Saturday night. Sunday we took the kids to Cars 2 in 3D at the movie theater. Then we dropped the girls back off at the house (they didn’t want to go) and took Dane to the tractor pulls in Eitzen. He enjoyed the pulls, but didn’t like how long they lasted! We came back home on Monday so the kids could enjoy the Wesley Fourth of July celebration. Fun was had by all!

I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would last weekend so that was good! I didn’t go to the store at all last week except for groceries. I was really proud of myself last week, but this week has not started out so well. However, the pets do need to be fed.

Yesterday at K-Mart I bought:
2 bags of cat litter
2 small bags of cat treats
1 box of dog treats
1 bottle of kids anti-cavity rinse

At work I bought:
1 bag of dog food
1 propane cylinder fill

The pets are happy! I argued with myself on the propane cylinder fill. I always like to keep an extra cylinder filled. If we lose power, we can still cook on the grill. And I am all about being prepared!

The anti-cavity rinse became a necessity yesterday. We took a trip to the dentist and it wasn’t good. This is the drawback of well water: no fluoride like a town water supply would have. Dane has his first ever x-rays for his teeth and they found SIX cavities. Ugh. Oh well.

Still, the point was no unnecessary trips to the store and no unnecessary spending. I had one moment of weakness yesterday and got McDonalds for lunch. That will be it for the week though. Tonight we have a district softball game at Garrigan in Algona so a little spending will happen. Dane and I will have supper before we go to minimize the spending.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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