The Weekend Update

The Weekend Update

(9 qts. dill pickles and one broken jar!)

This weekend went by fast, didn’t it? Wow! I got a lot done though so that is good! I did get though a lot of my goals for the week and weekend. Last Monday, I posted this:

1. More blog posts than last week! -DONE-
2. To find a car for Shali! 
3. Cultivating and harvesting in my garden! -DONE-
4. Canning/drying/perserving! -DONE-

I also posted on Preparedness Monday that I wanted to build up my water storage.

Last Thursday I posted this:

1. Dill pickes using this recipe: Dill Pickles 
2. Peaches using the recipe from the Ball Canning Book -DONE-
3. Dehydrating more onions out in the garage -DONE-
4. Possibly dehydrating green peppers too – just to try it!

As you can tell, I got a lot done on my goals for the week and weekend! Woo hoo! I feel good! (You can sing the song in your head too!)  I got 9 qts. of dill pickles done and 10 qts. of peaches. I will have more about both in another blog posts this week. I wished I would have taken more pictures of the peaches being canned because Shali and Jordan helped me. They were quite efficient in the peeling, halving, pitting, and packing of the peaches. I got to deal with the hot stuff so I was running back and forth. 

I also got the lawn mowed for the first time in three weeks. You can all say this prayer with me: “Dear Lord, please send some rain. Amen.” I felt like I was just mowing the weeds to be even with the dead grass. We need some moisture. I also got some weed-whacking done, but I need to get more of that done. The branch piles got picked up around the house yard from last spring and early summer. The grill is clean and shiny again. Dane was a more than willing participant in cleaning that! lol! The kitchen floor also got scrubbed after we canned peaches. We were a bit messy too!

This week we are putting carpet in Jordan’s room. Woo hoo! That will take up most of my after work hours. However, I would like to get this accomplished:

1. Find Shali a car. 

2. Dehydrate two more onions and I will be done (I think).
3. Planting fall crops in the garden – peas and maybe lettuce. (Someone please tell me if this is not a good time!)
4. Birthday shopping for Dane! 
5. Finish weed-whacking the house yard.

What do you have planned for the week?

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Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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