Back to School Routine

Back to School Routine

We are back in school again! I usually have mixed feelings about the kids going back to school, but despite my feelings, we have to get into a routine! This helps simplify our lives so much.

To help our mornings, we like to have our things together the night before. These are things we do to simplify our mornings:

bookbags are packed and ready to go
clothes are laid out for the next morning
shoes are found, accessible, and ready to go by the front door 
showers taken for those who don’t worry about their hair or own a flat iron for their hair

In the mornings, we get ourselves ready for the day. Since younger two kids have to be on the bus at 7:00 am, they usually get first priority in the bathroom. Paige wakes up at 6:15 am to get into the shower. She showers, dresses, brushes hair and teeth, and is downstairs by 6:45 am usually. She will also make her cold lunch if the school lunch is heavy on dairy that day. Dane wakes up by 6:30 am if not earlier. He usually gets dressed, brushes his teeth, feeds the fish, and does his daily chore. By 6:55 am, they are usually getting their shoes on and getting ready to board the bus.

Shali and Jordan’s routine varies day to day depending on their schedule. They have dance at 6:00 am on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Shali also takes a college course on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday at 7:30 am. They usually have their bags packed and homework done the night before so all they have to do is roll out of bed, get dressed, and take care of their appearance before they leave. Jordan will take a shower after Paige at home on the mornings they don’t have dance or volleyball practice.

After the school bus drops Paige and Dane off and I get home from work, we go over school papers and do homework. I start supper which is pre-determined by the menu plan. We also take care of daily and weekly chores before supper.

After supper, we like to chill a bit so we try to get everything done before supper. Dishes are done after supper and a load of laundry is usually put in the washer. After supper we read, play, watch television, or go to a sporting event. We can spend 2-4 nights a week at a game that Shali and Jordan are playing in which makes our daily routine even more important! When we get home or when we are home, Shali and Dane will take their showers also. Dane is in bed by 8:30 pm, Paige is in bed by 9:00 pm, and the older girls are usually asleep by 10:00-10:30 pm.

My daily routine is pretty much wrapped up in theirs, but I will blog about that next week! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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