Miscellaneous Thoughts #2

Miscellaneous Thoughts #2

So….I am having random thoughts again. Feel free to laugh or shake your head. That is what I do when this happens!

Can the Iowa Caucus be over yet? I know that this is important, but for the life of me I can not get excited over it. That and I find myself leaning towards supporting Newt Gingrich instead of Ron Paul. That alone is disturbing. At least both men are leading fairly positive campaigns so far. But I know in my common sense that Ron Paul is the better candidate so I am sticking with him.
I am becoming immune to Christmas.
For the life of me, I can not get excited about Christmas. The reason for the season? Yes I love that. The madness of the season? No I don’t have any love for that.
Some day I will have time to make homemade gifts. Maybe yet this year. I have five days left after all.
December has been busy bordering on madness. I don’t see our next year improving from this so I see some changes coming in the new year.
The chore chart for the kids needs revising. I am dreading this. Just not sure what chores I want to assign to who. 
I was able to plant garlic on December 18th while living in Iowa. I do see something wrong with this, but I am still very grateful I was able to. I needed an extension. Who knows? Maybe I will still have time to cut down the raspberry canes yet. 
I do have my garden goals done for the next year! I will be posting those soon!
I have not bought a loaf of bread from the store for over two months. Yeah for homemade bread!
I need to figure out the difference between laziness and the need to rest. I think that I confuse the two and this will be something for me to figure out. 

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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