Dehydrating Bananas (or How to Make Delicious Banana Chips)

Dehydrating Bananas (or How to Make Delicious Banana Chips)

My kids love dried banana chips. Fresh bananas do not get eaten up very fast here, but banana chips do not last very long. And they are so easy to make yourself. Much, much cheaper than buying them at the store.

First get out your trusty dehydrator. Blow off the dust if you need to. (This is an old one that my mom did not want anymore. This dehydrator would be an excellent one to use!) 

Next get your bananas ready. I may have used bananas that were a little to ripe this time, but they worked out fine.

Slice your bananas. I slice mine to roughly a quarter inch thick. If you like a crispy chip, slice thinner. If you like a chewy chip, slice thicker.

Since I had room on my trays, I sliced a few apples too. Apple chips are also very  popular at my house.

Load the trays into the dehydrator. Turn on or plug in the machine. Whatever you need to do to turn it on.  And wait. My machine takes about 24 hours to dry the chips out. A long wait, I know, but the house smells lovely in the meantime!

After about 24 hours, test a chip to see if it is done to your likeness. Please realize that as they cool, they will get a little harder. If they are done, shut off or unplug your machine. Take out the trays.

Voila! You are done. Take the chips off the tray and store somewhere. I store my chips in a jar. Then eat at will!

Easy, no?

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  1. Wow, that is easy. I have got to get a dehydrator, one of my sons begs for banana chips and they are pretty expensive at the store. Thanks for sharing.

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