This Week’s Frugal Activities

This Week’s Frugal Activities

This week was a little slow for frugal activities. Not that I wasn’t frugal, but that I did more time consuming things like weeding my garden. So onto the list!

– I made a big pan of chicken broth/stock. It is simmering while I type. I save the chicken carcasses from when I roast chickens so I can make this. I will let it cool and can the stock in a few days.

– I made my once a month grocery trip which saves me a bunch of money and time!

– Rob’s neighbors took me to their garden and gave me some of their produce! I am one grateful gal! I will be busy getting that put up this week too.

– My mom sent a box of clothes that she found at her favorite thrift shop for half price! The clothes are wonderful and the girls were excited to see them.

– I spent most of my week weeding around the farm. The weeds grow quickly around here and it is a constant summer chore even with mulch down.

That is about it for this week. I wish it was more, but a little bit is better than nothing!

Thanks for reading! Have a good night!

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