Another year older…

Another year older…

Today is my 36th birthday! Yeah! For those who are saying, “why advertise your age?”, you will find out soon enough. In honor of my 36th birthday, I will attempt an list of 36 things about me and observations I would like to make.

1. I am not ashamed of my age or fear growing a year older. I have always looked forward to aging because my life has gotten better every year older I have become!

2. I have four beautiful children. I am still amazed that they do not really look like each other, have four very distinctly different personalities, and were wonderfully and fearfully made. I love them so much!

3. I am in constant awe of my wonderfully amazing children.

4. If someone would have told me at 17 that I would have four kids, much less one, I would have laughed. A lot.

5. I had my oldest daughter at 18, my second daughter at 19, my third daughter at 24, and my son at 27.

6. I am a total and complete bookworm. I would read all the time if given the opportunity.

7. Between my Kindle and my bookshelves, I have over a 1000 books to be read. Mostly on my Kindle for free.

8. I can not resist much of anything if you tell me it is free. I will find use for almost anything free.

9. I also have over 30 magazines to be read at the moment. Again, free subscriptions will either be a blessing or great reading later on. I refuse to think of it as a bad thing.

10. I am not perfect. I hate for anyone to think I am perfect. I make mistakes and what you see is what you get.

11. I do like to keep to myself a lot of things. I believe it keeps me protected.

12. I treasure my friends and family. I may be a poor demonstrator of that at times, but I do.

13. I should go back to college. I did not finish college, but now is not the right time.

14. I am pretty good at procrastinating. This I am trying to overcome, but it is really hard at times.

15. If you have something to teach me or I want to learn something, I will sit at your feet (figuratively) until I can learn it all.

16. If you have not figured it out, I am a passionate learner of almost all things.

17. I believe life is a classroom and one never stops learning from it.

18. Although I have been in a few car accidents, I have never been the driver. (Knock on wood, please)

19. I love, love, love Iowa State Football! I don’t miss many games on television.

20. I also love NASCAR. You can think whatever you want of me.

21. While I love a good deal, I do not love shopping. Not at all.

22. Someday I hope to be self-sufficient. In more ways that one.

23. My office is extremely disorganized. However, 90% of the time, I do know where everything is at in here. Someday I hope to get the whole thing cleaned up and done.

24. I do believe in an Higher Power.

25. Some days I do want to throw in the towel when this life gets to be too much. I can’t say enough for self-discipline, inner strength, tea, and chocolate.

26. Oh, and I will take a good cup of tea any day over coffee. With 2-3 teaspoons of sugar please.

27. Yes, I do enjoy a drink or a beer once in a while.

28. I truly believe that you should love what you do in life. I do love my job even though I have my moments.

29. I am blessed to have both of my grandmothers yet.

30. I love living in the country. I grew up a town kid, but I don’t think I will ever go back to living in town.

31. Except for my kids’ vehicles, my last several vehicles have been red or maroon. I love red.

32. I think I am fortunate to be able to keep a filter on my mouth. It may be hanging there by a string, but it is there. Otherwise a lot of people would never speak to me again.

33. I do believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that we are meant to experience things in life to teach us lessons and to be better people. Sometimes that lesson is not always apparent or the answer readily available, but we should come away with learning from it or about ourselves by it.

34. I do think that a spouse’s infidelity and a divorce is the hardest things I will ever have to go through. The pain from those incidents only lessen with time, but never truly go away. The repercussions from those two things will be endless for my children as they go through life and I hope and pray for them that they will know the right way to handle it.

35. For someone who has to make snap decisions a lot, I hate to make snap decisions. I rely on my gut feelings a lot and a set of rules/guidelines that I have for kids. Any gray areas in those things, I will take my time to think the decision out first.

36. My number one rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. This works every time.

Well, I hope I didn’t scare anyone off! This is me, the crazy lady behind the blog. I have a lot I could say yet, but I will leave some of it for next year!

Have a great night! Thanks for reading!

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