What Can I Say? What Can I Do?

What Can I Say? What Can I Do?

What can I say? I am dumbfounded. This election was going to be close. I knew that. I wasn’t going to say anything afterwards because I knew no matter who the winner was going to be, we as a country were going to have problems. Heck, we already have problems. Many, many problems.

However, I am in shock but not speechless. I don’t believe the right man won. I struggle greatly with an America who is cheering for a man who is encouraging dependency and a bigger and more expanded government. A man who has very little interest in spending less money except to pay lip-service to the lie of it. A man that will tell groups of people what they want to hear, but does not do much to make good on that.

Honestly? I am not one for fear-mongering. In fact, I absolutely hate it.

I hope for ourselves and for our country, we have a good next four years. That we have a legislative branch and a judicial branch that will truly balance with the executive branch.  That will look at his executive orders and challenge the legality of those. That the legislative branch will truly look out for the interest of the voters instead of the interests of a powerful few.

Somehow, I doubt it though. I have a really, really bad feeling about the next four years. A deep down in the pit of my stomach feeling bad feeling. It seems the markets and the media feel the same way depending on who you listen to.

Everyone has an agenda. Everyone. Don’t let the elected few, your friends, your family, anyone convince of you of anything different. I have things I believe in as well as you do and those things become my and your agendas. This election proved that voters are in three groups. One group who strongly supported the winner. One group who strongly supported the loser because they wanted a change (kind of ironic!). One group who did not know who to support because they knew neither candidate who do anything for their agenda and bring a true change that is needed in our country.

We as a country are seeing a definite split in our country. The split comes from those that do for themselves and those that take from others. That alone is two powerful opposing forces that will facilitate a change for better or worse. Two agendas that has the power to split the country.

However, we can make a change for the better of ourselves. We can make the sacrifices and put in the hard work to make better for ourselves and not be dependent on the system. We can change our agendas or use them for the better.

What can you and I do? Several things:

1. Get rid of the debt. Pay off student loans quicker, get rid of the credit cards, carry and use cash, pay off the mortgage, pay off the bank loans, etc. Owe no man anything.

2. Become more self-sufficient. Grow your own food; raise your own meat, milk, and eggs; do your own repairs; build your own projects; learn new skills.

3. Start planning for the future while living today. Be prepared. Have a plan. Understand that bad things can happen and that you can control the situation.

4. Use it up, Wear it out, Make do or Do Without. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Stop being a throw away society. Almost everything can have a second, third, fourth and beyond uses.

5. Shop American. Look for those items that are made in America. Keep those people in business that carry made in America items.

6. Shop locally. Keep your local economies afloat. You might pay a little more shopping locally, but when you throw in your time and gas to drive 30-45 minutes away to save a few dollars you save in the end.

7. Save money. Don’t spend more than you have to or spend what you don’t have. Use a budget. Use coupons. Use the deals. If it is free, take it. Barter. Swap services. Offer services.

8. Look for the free in life. Free activities to do with your family or yourself. Free items. Free hobbies.

9. Help others. Volunteer your time or your skills. Be a blessing to someone else. Donate what you don’t use. Support the local food pantries and CARE teams.

10. Get your spiritual priorities in check. Whatever you believe in, devote to that, and explore deeper. Pray harder. Be gracious. Be grateful. Give thanks for your blessings. Delight in the good instead of dwelling on the bad.

11. Be a community however you define it. Make friends. Get to know others. Discover who is around you. Build and support friendships.

12. Be prepared to defend yourself and your family. However you want to define this, define it. Just be ready to defend your home, your family, and yourself. Be secure in your own home.

Some of this is a ramble, but it all points to one thing: you need to take care of yourself because you cannot depend of the government or society to do so. Someday the system of handouts will collapse and you do not want to be one on the short end of the stick. I would rather be the one doing for myself and others instead of wondering “what now?”. Our government and our country has proven they want a president who will give them things instead of encouraging dependence of self.

Be ready. Be prepared.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “What Can I Say? What Can I Do?

  1. Amen, sister! Very well said. I spent Wednesday in a dark, depressed mood, often breaking down into tears. I haven't posted on my own blog because I've been so super busy as the new president of our church's womens group. Thanks for taking time to post. You lifted my spirits.

  2. Amen. I am so saddened when I woke up to hear the news. I was depressed all day. I am afraid what is going to happen. actually I have been looking on Drudgereport and cant believe what is going on just days after. I knew Romney would not be perfect and we would have problems, but I can't believe Americans voted him back in. wow.

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