Prepare All Year Round for Everything, Not Just One Thing

Prepare All Year Round for Everything, Not Just One Thing

I have been asked over and over again, “What do you prepare for?”

They all expect one answer or to hear one thing. The truth is that very few people I know prepare for one thing. They prepare for many things or everything. Very rare that someone ever prepares for one thing. That is foolish and narrow-minded.

I prepare for everything year round. I might prepare more for things depending on the season or current conditions in our country. During the Spring I prepare for storms, tornadoes, the upcoming hot weather, constantly changing temperatures, and the summer schedule. I also get my garden ready and start planting to have food for the winter.

During the Summer I prepare for storms, tornadoes, hot weather, next school year, and the fall season. I get any projects done that need to be done, any necessary house repair, garden, can and preserve food, and plan for the fall.

During the Fall I prepare for the upcoming winter weather, constantly changing temperatures, busy work schedule, and busy school schedule and activities. I finish up in the garden, finish up with the bulk of the canning, gets vehicles ready for winter weather, finish up any outdoor projects, and start preparing for the upcoming holiday season.

During the Winter I prepare for winter weather, make plans for the next year, do any canning that I did not do during the summer or fall (for example, broth), and study/learn new skills and techniques. For me, the Winter is all about planning and learning for the next year. I also like to practice and anticipate what we would do without power.

For every season, we have plenty to prepare for. Then we have the things we prepare for all year round.

I like to think of any contingencies whether they are plausible or not. I like to be prepared for any cycle in our economy, for the possibility of losing power and being off the grid for several days, for the possibility of job loss or reduced income, for the possibility of being stranded at home or away from home, and for the possibility of just about anything you can think of.

I don’t like to think about the bad things that could happen in life, but the reality is that they can exist and they shouldn’t ignored. Being ignorant is as good as being dead in those situations. Being prepared gives us a chance at survival and that is what I want if those things happen.

Many people will call this being paranoid, but when the stuff hits the fan those people are never considered paranoid then. They are considered smart. Smart people look forward and do what they can now. They don’t stop doing what they can and they do it year round.

Do what you can now and do it 365 days a year. Be smart.

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