Monday Frugal Update

Monday Frugal Update

This last week has been busy, busy, rainy, quiet, and busy again. Typical Iowa weather!

We have had some successes and some failures. I guess I shouldn’t look at our bumps in the road as failures, but I try hard and want to be organized and well-planned. When I am not, I become a little hard on myself. A little positive thinking can go a long ways so please be kind to yourself too. 
We ate out this last week. Not once, but twice! Arghhhh!!! They were both after ball games that did not have concession stands to give the starving kiddos at least a little something until we got home. We did take snacks, but the games did not get over with until after 9:00 both nights which made planning much harder. I need to be more diligent about taking sandwiches or something that will take the edge off the hunger until we get home. 
However, the kids thought that it was awesome to get to eat out. At least they appreciated it!
I did some experimenting with recipes this last week. I think I had recipe ADD if that is possible. The thoughts that ran through my head were crazy. 
“Ooh, look at that recipe on Pinterest! I have the stuff! Let’s make it!” 
“That sounds really good right now! Let’s make it!”
“You can make that yourself? For real? Let’s make it!”
I should be asking for help, but I love experimenting with new recipes and DIYs. I like the thrill of doing things and being successful when they work out!
For this week’s frugal things:
1. I made another batch of Homemade Laundry Detergent
2. I signed up for and got several freebies in the mail like a bottle of contact lens solution for my daughter. Booyah!
3. I made a batch of Homemade Dishwasher Cubes for the first time. So excited for the kids to try them out when they do dishes! 
4. I did not do any grocery shopping last week. I did make one $20 trip to Dollar General to pick up things the family needed. 
5. I made Southern Sweet Tea (so, so good!), Cranberry Quick Bread, Blueberry Lemon Banana Muffins, Smashed Potatoes, and Oven Fries from all new recipes I had found on the internet or magazines over the weekend. I had everything on hand for all of these which I was super excited about too!
6. I bought 8 more tomato plants, 4 cucumber plants, 3 zucchini plants, 2 bell pepper plants, 4 jalapeno plants, 4 broccoli plants, and 4 cauliflower plants on clearance at one of the local greenhouses. Now to get them in the ground!
7. I had been shutting off the air conditioner at night and during the cool days. However, this week looks to be hot and humid all week. The hot I can deal with, but the humidity makes the house miserable!
8. We had a free movie channel weekend on the Dish Network. We always record movies on the DVR so we can watch them over and over again when we get weekends like this. I wish we could get rid of the Dish, but we get absolutely nothing for reception where we live. Too much interference. Oh well.
That is about it! Like I said before….ball games rule the month of June!
Thanks for reading!

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