25 Totally Free Things To Do While Staying Home – Winter Edition!

25 Totally Free Things To Do While Staying Home – Winter Edition!

Unless we have plans with family, I usually stay home on the weekends or choose activities to do that will not cost me any money. I try to get my children to do the same, but they are not always feeling that. Especially my teens.

Anyway, I always hear about how people don’t like to be cooped up in the house during the winter or that there is nothing to do at home during the winter. Personally, I love being home during the winter so I can hibernate! Although I understand that might not be for others! The ideas below can be done by yourself, with your significant other, or as a family! But they are sure to cure the winter blues for free while staying home!

25 Totally Free Things To Do While Staying Home – Winter Edition

1. Stay home. We have covered why, but the money savings is great!

2. Stay off the internet. No shopping!

3. Have a date night at home. Bunker down in the bedroom, play games, talk, watch a movie together, read together, reminiscence about the early years, make a special supper, etc.

4. Play games or put puzzles together with the kids or each other.

5. Clean house.

6. Start a new project with items you have on hand.

7. Finish old projects.

8. Take care of any repairs that need to be done with items you have on hand. Be creative!

9. Declutter a room.

10. Reorganize a room or a closet.

11. Go for a winter walk or snowshoe together.

12. Make a snowman, snow fort, or lay down and make snow angels outside

13. Have a scavenger hunt. Inside or outside is your choice!

14. Make snow ice cream.

15. Build an indoor fort or obstacle course.

16. Make popcorn and watch a movie.

17. Invite friends and/or family over for a meal or games.

18. Have family reading time. You can choose alone or together, out loud or to yourself.

19. Cook a meal or bake together. Teach kids to cook or new cooking skills. Assign everyone a job to make the process smoother and saner!

20. Do a craft or art project together using items you have on hand.

21. Make a family preparedness plan together.

22. Learn a new skill together.

23. Talk about family history and look up where family came from. Research some of your ancestors.

24. Take a nap together! Rest is good!

25. Let your kids have a sleepover with friends and make homemade pizza and brownies to serve!

Plenty of ideas to cure the winter boredom! What ideas do you have?

Thanks for reading!

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