Monday Frugal Update

Monday Frugal Update

This week we did what we could to save money and will continue to keep saving money as well as not spend any money. I did get Easter shopping done, checked out and stocked up on some things from a Kmart that is closing, and bought track tights and shirt for Paige (ouch!).

In the next few weeks, I want to share with you in various posts some of the every day things I do to save money. I do a lot around the house that I don’t even think about any more, but may be useful to you!

Jordan went to prom with her cousin/friend at another school. Being money conscious as she is, she knew Mom would not buy another dress (considering her mother is not buying a dress for her prom – she is!). She borrowed a dress from a friend, Shali did her hair, she borrowed shoes from Shali, and used her prom jewelry from last year. She didn’t spend a dime and looked awesome! If I had a good picture, I would post it for you!

Dane and I started seeds today in the seed starting pods. I bought the soil and pots a few weeks ago and just now got to starting them. We decided to start peas since we want an early crop of them, some beets for experimentation, and marigolds. All in all, we started 50 plants. We might start more if I can find more little pots in the garage tomorrow.

I got several freebies in the mail. I downloaded several books for my Kindle from Amazon. I also listed a lot of books on Amazon to sale.

I am going through bedrooms and closets on a more serious purging of stuff. I finally decided to have a garage sale with a friend of mine to coincide with the city wide garage sales in May. I wasn’t going to have one, but we have a lot of stuff looking for potential homes!

We did not eat out at all last week as a family (I can’t really speak for the girls). Yeah! The kids did go out with their dad, grandparents, and aunt/uncle/cousins for their grandparents’ 40th wedding anniversary. We did make granola, banana chips, frozen berry sauce, sun tea in a jar, soaked nuts, and used up a lot of leftovers. This week, I am going through the freezer trying to use up the oldest meat in there to keep it fresh.

Last night I fixed a few flashlights. The power was out for several hours and the flashlights make getting around the house easier! Some needed cleaning and some just needed batteries.

We hung a lot of laundry outside last week! The wind and warmth made for great drying conditions! We also shut off the furnace for a few days and opened windows. Love the fresh air! Now if Spring would stick around for longer than a 3-4 days, that would be wonderful!

Thanks for reading!

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