Facing Adversity While Living Life You Want

Facing Adversity While Living Life You Want

I have several hats I like to wear: Gardener, Homesteader, Prepper, Cook, Writer, Seller, Coordinator, Experimenter, Reader, Crafter, Hobbyist, Nature Lover, Natural Lifer, Deal Finder, Tightwad, etc.

I have several roles that I try to fulfill in my life: Mom, Girlfriend, Friend, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, and Acquaintance.

What do you do when the people in your life do not support you and the hats you like to wear? What do you do you have no encouragement to pursue your dreams in life? What do you do when you get mocked and teased for living the life you love?

I have struggled with this for awhile. Last summer, much of it came to a head for me. I became very disgusted with the lack of support in my life to pursue my passions. I had great friends who supported me all the way and I had friends/family who supported me in some ways, but not all. Then I had people who did not support me at all.

Granted, their arguments were valid. I was creating too much work for myself. I was stretching myself out too thin. When did I have time for all of this? Why should I dive in head first? Shouldn’t I just dabble in it? Maybe I should wait until the kids are out of school and then I can pursue my dreams.

One thing I have learned in my life is that the possibility of later may not exist. The cliché “No time like the present” speaks a lot to me. There is no time like the present to embrace life and live the life you dream of. I want a life of simplicity. I want to know that I can accomplish a lot with my own two hands. I want to be self-supporting. I want my kids to see that anything is possible once you put your mind to it and stay positive.

I will always have people in my life who are concerned about my well-being and worry about me. I have people who I worry about. That is natural. I also have people in my life who don’t believe I can accomplish what I want because they have unrealized dreams, have faced adversity and have given up. Many people say you should rid your life of those people, but I don’t agree. I think they are in my life for a reason – to give them hope.

Many people believe that adversity is bad and should be eliminated. However, I don’t believe that. I think adversity is a great motivator. Those people who question me, worry me, and tell me it won’t work are the great motivators in my life. Not that I love to prove people wrong, but I like to prove to them that dreams are possible, tangible, and achievable.

Adversity in life is not bad, but it cannot rule your life either. Living in fear of what others will think and of the reaction you will get are not going to give you the life you love.

Live the life you want! Live the life of your dreams!

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