Monday Frugal and Homesteading Update

Monday Frugal and Homesteading Update

Gotta love the holiday weekends! Is today Monday or was that yesterday….

Anywho, let’s get this update started!

I got the green beans and beets planted tonight. Can’t wait for those to get growing! The rest of my already-planted garden is looking fabulous. The summer squash and zucchini are up in the buckets and the lettuce/spinach are growing in the planters. The tomatoes and peppers are looking good and growing well. The onions have started coming up. The carrots are taking their sweet time. I still need to get potatoes and peas in as well as whatever else I decide to plant. I can change my mind again.

The blueberry bushes have new leaves on them which I am taking as a positive sign! Yeah! Trying to decide if I need to add more ammonia sulfate this fall again to make the ground more acidic.

I fixed Holly the dog’s enclosure in the garage. We decided to make it smaller since she could (1) break out of there and did break out of there and (2) was just too big and be hard to heat this winter. We still need to line it and make a roof, but I am not in hurry to get that done yet.

The chicks moved out to the barn. They are loving the extra room. I am working on the nesting boxes and making a roosting bar for them.

I had a little extra money this last week so I ordered some prepping items from Emergency Essentials (affiliate link on the right) along with a 33# bucket of rolled oats. I also got a dozen Tattler lids on Ebay to try canning with this year. I hope they work!

I got groceries this week and kept in my goal range of $50 for the week ($200 monthly budget). I wasn’t impressed with the specials, but we needed milk, butter, eggs, cheese, and some other items.

Since we are now decidedly into baseball/softball season, we are packing snacks to go. We have been popping a big batch of popcorn (with salt and butter) to take with us as well as snack crackers and fruit. We also pack bottles of water and maybe a few cans of caffeine free pop. If we have time to eat before we go, I do encourage the kids to eat.

I took cans and bottles to the redemption center today and got $9.00.

I also hit the B1G1Free sale at the thrift shop last week. I got three shirts, a pair of jeans, and quite a few books.

That is all for this week! What did you do this week?

Thanks for reading!

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