Is Prepping Dead?

Is Prepping Dead?

A lot of news I have been seeing lately is about how we do not need to worry about anything since the new president-elect is going to smooth away our problems. According to many sources, prepping should be on a decline because many of the issues facing us will be gone soon.

Do you all really believe that?

Do you believe that prepping is dead or on a decline?

Please tell me you don’t believe that our problems are solved. Please tell me you don’t believe that prepping is dead! Because, seriously, you should be prepping the same as you were before the elections if not more. 

I know people were panicked before the elections. They were scared the lady was going to get elected and we would going to war. They were scared she was going to take away everything we had left for freedoms and liberties. How do I know this? I read it. I saw it for myself. My daily views for this blog doubled for the week leading up to the election.

Prepping was definitely on an upswing then. Prepping should still be the same now. I mean, I know a lot of you took a huge relieved breath with the election results. I understand that. However, really, nothing has changed. 

We could still be looking at war.
We could still be looking at an economic collapse.
We could still be looking at at CME or an EMP.
We could still be looking at a natural disaster.
We could still be looking at a power grid down situation.

And more importantly, we could be looking at a personal crisis of our own!

Prepping is not and should never be dead! Why? The new president-elect is not going to solve all our problems. We cannot control other countries attacking us because of something stupid our country said or did. We cannot control the personal ideologies of other people. We cannot control the agendas of the power hungry. We cannot control nature. We cannot control companies closing or moving due to the economy. 

The only thing we can control is ourselves and our reaction to these situations. We prep in order to be ready for things like this happening. We prep to take care of ourselves and our families. We prep to give us a peace of mind. We prep so others do not have to worry about us! 

Why would people think prepping is dead or preppers would stop prepping? Because the media told us everything would be hunky-dory? Because the Republicans control the presidency and both houses? The same two houses where Republicans proved they were nothing but weak-spine pansies who gave the Democrats whatever they wanted anyway? 

No, prepping should not be dead by a long shot. We still have a lot to worry about and a lot to consider before we can say we do not need to prep anymore. 

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