The Prepper’s Yearbook is available for sale!

The Prepper’s Yearbook is available for sale!

(Updated 4/16/2023 with new links)

The Prepper’s Yearbook is available for sale!

This is a dream for me as it is the first book I have ever written! I wanted to make prepping as simple as possible for you! As the title suggests, this book will give you five tasks every month to help you be more prepared. You will be able to download this book and print it off to make it easier for you to keep track of your prepping.

My goal in prepping is to be as prepared as possible while staying on budget. I understand money can be tight and I don’t want preparedness to be a burden to anyone. This book can help you with that too. You will also find that this book leans toward the homesteading and self-reliant side of preparedness. While that is how I like to be prepared, this book also addresses preparing for emergencies and natural disasters.

Some of you might remember that I wrote a blog series about five prepping things to accomplish in a month. This is based on that, but I have totally revamped the months, added challenges, and added even more information and tips for you to be better informed and prepared!

To purchase this book, click on this link:

Thank you for your purchase! You should receive an email with your download link from shortly after your purchase. If you have any issues, please let me or them know. 

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One thought on “The Prepper’s Yearbook is available for sale!

  1. Will definitely be doing more research into prepping, especially in these uncertain times., which seem to be more uncertain every day. Thank you for sharing, and congrats on 10 years blogging!!

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