Prepping Elitism: The Attitude That May Get You Killed

Prepping Elitism: The Attitude That May Get You Killed

If you have been around the prepping world for some time (and it doesn’t have to be a long time), you will run into various opinions and ideas on how to do a myriad of things. Many people know how to do technical skills and their ideas are usually valid. Many people have great ideas for organizing, stockpiling, and more. Usually, their ideas are tailored for them but will work for other people too.

However, the problems start when preppers start guessing on what will happen after a TEOTWAWKI or an SHTF. We all have ideas, but very few of us have actually lived through that particular scenario. Unless you are Selco Begovic, Fernando FERFAL Aguirre, Jose Martinez, or others who have bonafide experience with real-life SHTF, you are probably just guessing at what will happen after one.

This is where Prepping Elitism comes into play. Many people think their opinions and fantasies about what will happen after an SHTF is superior to what others think. They will attack others in groups and online forums about how stupid their ideas are, how many holes their plans have, and what they are doing wrong. Those same people “naturally know how it will all go down”.

The problem with that attitude? They don’t know what will happen and that attitude may get them killed.

I like to focus on practical prepping. I prepare for things I think could happen. The possibility of those things happening is high enough to warrant my attention. I’m not a survivalist or a bush prepper. I do not really prepare for the world ending. Even though that could happen, I think a job loss, economic downturns, and pandemics are more likely to happen and affect me worse than the end of the world at this point in my life.

In no way do I consider myself an expert. I like to share what I have learned and experienced so you can learn from me. I look up to plenty of other preppers for wisdom and knowledge. No matter what area of preparedness you are looking to learn from, there is someone who knows enough to help you.

The most important part of prepping is not your preps. The most important part of your preparedness is your own knowledge and experiences. You need to do your own research, gain your own knowledge, and impart that information. However, you also need to remember that you are not an expert.

Telling someone how stupid their plans are and that they will die is not going to gain you any support on any prepping site, group, or forum. No one knows if gold/silver is better than cash. However, you would be wise to have both on hand. No one knows what is good or bad for bartering after a collapse because those things depend on the people bartering and what their needs will be.

If a natural remedy worked for you, great! You can offer it as a suggestion and it may work for other people. However, it may not work for other people and people may not choose to follow your advice. Instead of taking it personally, realize that you have done what you can and move on.

Advice, opinions, and ideas are exactly what they say they are. You can not take them so personally! Getting that angry over another’s point of view is only going to cause problems.

Elitism has no place in prepping. Being that superior and self-righteous about your opinions and ideas will not make you any friends. Feeling that you know exactly how things will go down in a collapse and how everything will run is rather presumptuous. Forcing those views on others with degrading remarks about how they think and do is not going to help get others to stay prepping.

Being kind and helpful to everyone in the prepping community is what will help us all to survive and thrive in prepping. Imparting your knowledge and experiences will help everyone learn and grow. Being a jerk will not.

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